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Start Receiving Credit Card Payments Right Now!

No more hassle, with mPos Global solution it does not matter if your work for your own, have a company or maybe you are a student make a living out of social media maintenance services. Our Free instant activation point of sale solution will not only allow you to accept credit card payments at a flat unique rate, but it will also help you manage your business more efficiently. mPos app is available on the android PlayStore download it now!

We Provide Payment Innovative and Disruptive Payments Solutions!

mPos Global Innovation

Once again we change the game! mPos Global has constantly disrupt the status quo! Now once again we bring not only new technologies to the average Joe's but we also change the way the game is played! Paperless Onboarding, No bank needed and instant activation of payment solutions is now a reality.

Are you a Financial Institution?

mPos Global mission is to bring disruptive and innovative technology to the masses, in order to empower all people to accept payments. We work hand to hand with financial institutions and are always looking to expand. Are you searching for a value added services partner? Do you simply need the latest state of the art point of sale and credit card terminals? Are you looking for mobile POS Solutions? We would be delighted to help, don't even worry about the technical details, our certificates such as PCI, PCI PTS, Emv L1, L2 and L1C, Visa Paywave, Mastercard Contactless Tap & Go or even China Union Pay are at your disposition.

Unlimited Upgrades

You will always have the latest version of our software. mPos Global offers an online Point of Sale with a dedicated simple and intuitive app on your device to perform everyday operations, from sales to customer tracking or inventory management. It does not matter if you use the free or the premium version, you will always have the best we can offer...

Need Paper Copies of your Invoices?

Do you still need paper? Our point of sale integrates with any network printer. Your printer is not on the list? please contact our support team we will be glad to assist at no cost.

Feature Rich. No bloat.

Only the necessary to get straight to the point... With over 15 years of experience in the point of sale industry, we worked hand to hand with thousands of small business owners to develop the fastest, easiest and most intuitive POS systeme ever...

Real Time Inventory

Manage your inventory real time, categorize it, used QR or regular bar codes, you will have it all. Need more? maybe you have several branches with one common stock? ask for our experts.

All forms of Payment

Cash, checks, gift certificates, loyalty points, contactless credit cards, chip enabled cards or regular track cards.... criptocurrencies, dollars, euros or maybe both? did we forget anything?

Fully Customizable

We forgot about your one special need? Our Technology is 100% made in house so we can adapt, integrate, add features, just name what you need, we love new challenges and are delighted to help.

GPS Enabled

Geofencing and Geolocation are one of the most important tools to prevent fraud and proper transaction management. With us, it is a standard feature not something you have to pay for.

Exquisite Design

15 years of experience working with cashiers, salesmen, business owners... in 7 different countries! We worked with thousands of people for over 4 years in our app layout and design to make your life simpler.

Offline Syncing

Yes you got it right, our ONLINE CLOUD systems also works offline, for these unexpected power outage or connection interruption... it does not mean your customers need to wait*

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